Below you will find a range of special machines, we have developed in close cooperation with both large and small European producers. We have dealership for these machines and deliver all over Scandinavia.

Ortomec Self-harvesting machines to harvest babyleaf products. for example rocket, baby spinach, etc.
Ferrari Planting machinery of the best quality. Tractor-drawn or self-driven. From manual to fully automatic machines for best results.
Small machines for babyleaves:

Seed Spider All machines are supplied in stainless steel. Variable row spacing, down to 4 cm. For example, 24 rows of 1.5 m. Quick seed change.
We have exclusive rights for distribution in Scandinavia.

We also sell personalized lower parts of Seedspider equipment. This provides optimum performance.

Washing machines:
Suitable for special salads and other crops that require gentle washing and handling.
Washing machines:

1 man operated pressure washer with desinfection.
Washes effectively boxes for small plants, salads and internal transport.

GVL500 er top model fromGerma.

Potting machine:
Full automatic pot and sewing machine from Germa. Model GCS 400

Irrigation machines:
We have also dealership for Nettuno which is the markets most economical irrigation machine. It uses less energy by retracting the hose. Fully galvanized finish. Now with a computer-controlled cannon.


We've done it again…
developed a new highly compact and reliable machine for washing and packing of baby leaves. The machine consists of a washing line from Turatti and a package plant from Upmann.

The machine has been tested in Slangerup for a while and the results have been very good.

Exciting newly developed machine from Mingozzi
The machine fightis weeds and fungal diseases while the enhansing the properties of the porous surfaces.